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Nov 26, 2014 · Sometimes we get too hung up on “feather perfection.” She did not do that. The hackle on the right – pretty much represents streamer feather perfection. Note the rounded end, it’s not too wide, not too narrow, just right, like the medium-sized bowl of porridge in Goldilocks and The Three Bears. Also note the area, size, and shape of the webbing nearing the butt end of what will be the tie-in point on a. Whiting Rangeley Streamer Capes Some of the most spectacular roosters I've seen have been on friends farms, strutting around like they own the place. So it stand to reason that such beautiful feathers would have a place in fly tying.

Body: Whiting Hen Spey Hackles, Spectra Dubbing; Roof: Whiting Hen Spey Hackles; Hot Spot: UTC Thread fluo, pink. Wind some lead wire around the front part of the hook shank and secure it with super glue. Tie in a spey hackle with the tip first. Wind the hackle towards the. Historically, streamer tyers had ample supply of complete saddles, or strung saddle hackle for our craft. The push to produce genetic hackle for dry flies hasn't helped our situation any. Most strung saddle hackles commercially available are far too thin, poorly shaped, and lack the web needed to produce quality Rangeley Style streamers. The quality that you have come to expect in Whiting hackle is now available in smaller packs of large feathers, sizes 10 and larger, for bass, tarpon pike and musky flies. The feathers are sturdy and more rigid - less likely to foul the hook. This product features both natural and dyed colors for all your needs. I tie classic streamers, and. Whiting Badger Streamer Capes: $43.00. The tightest barring is found on Whiting's Soft Hackle Hen line. The color choices are endless. The third feather is a muddy grizzly, the forth is a bleached grizzly, and the last is a soft grizzly. Here you can buy packs of 12 medium size feathers. If you're looking for more feathers, or a wider.

Whiting Farms, Inc has 10 major genetic lines that provide over 80 different products for the discriminating fly tier. Each line is bred for a specific tying purpose covering fresh and saltwater flies. Whiting Farms, Inc has the best selection of dry fly, wet fly and saltwater hackle for. Description. When you purchase a Whiting dry fly cape you can rest assured that you are getting the ultimate hackle for tying dry flies. With long supple quills and incredible barb density capable of tying down to size 24 and even smaller, Whiting genetic dry fly hackle is the connoisseur’s choice for fly tying. Fly Tying: Natural Feathers & Hackle. Whiting's Introductory Hackle Pack $66.00 Four assorted 1/2 capes OR 1/2 saddles From a whole new type of bird! Whiting developed them just for this purpose. Comes with 4 core colors such as Brown, Grizzly, Medium Dun and Ginger. Whiting’s Streamer/Deceiver Packs contain the perfectly shaped. Jul 26, 2006 · Dumb Hackle Question - posted in Classic Streamer and Wet Fly Fly Patterns: Greetings all, Question as to which hackle is the best to use for Rangeley streamers. I'm somewhat certain I should be looking for rounded tips and a slight web. Is the Whiting American cape a good cape for these or is there a specific kind to look for. Just curious as I picked up some 10xl hooks to mess around on. hiting Farms was founded in 1989 by Dr. Tom Whiting with the goal of producing the highest quality, value and selection of feathers for the fly tiers of the world. It was with this goal in mind that Dr. Tom’s work began by acquiring the finest breeding stock in the world, Hoffman hackle, and soon thereafter, Hebert/Miner™ hackle.

Translate Site. The Soft Hackle Streamer is one of my favorite small streamers for all species of fish, fresh water or salt. It can be tied in many colors and sizes to suit the occasion. Since I first designed this simple fly — now over 25 years ago — much has been written about it in various magazines and books. Find great deals on eBay for streamer hackle. Shop with confidence. Skip to main content, eBay Logo. 2 product ratings - 8colors Rooster Saddle Hackle/Streamer&Woolly Bugger Fly Tying Hackle Feather. $10.71. From China. Was: Previous Price $11.39. Whiting Hackle Fly Tying Feathers. Metz Hackle Fly Tying Feathers. Whiting Hackle Fly. Finn Raccoon is an awesome material for big pike flies. The long, soft hair moves really well in the water. It’s also very durable. If you don’t use too much of the leather it’s also not so difficult to cast, because the hair will not soak as much as water as rabbit fur for example does. Super Grizzly Saddle Hackle are beautiful saddle hackles which are perfect for long musky fly hackle or other warmwater pike and bass fly tying hackle. The Super Grizzly Saddle Hackle is also a great choice for saltwater fly tying hackle. Some of these hackles are 10 to 12 inches in length.

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